Our Staff

Amanda Wilson, Preschool Director  - awilson@deermeadows.org

Kate Brecht, Office Manager - kbrecht@deermeadows.org

Our staff is what makes Deermeadows Preschool one of the premier preschools in Jacksonville. They provide a loving, supportive, safe and educational atmosphere. Our preschool teachers are experienced and certified in Early Childhood Education and average over 10 years of teaching. Over half of our staff has been at Deermeadows for over 15 years!  Knowing that the same teachers are reliably there for your children makes the difference toward a successful education experience. Our teachers really get to know their students and the children feel safe and secure knowing that their teachers are there for them day after day, year after year. That makes for a very comforting and secure transition to preschool for the whole family.


  • Mandy Anderson, PreK1 Lead 
  • Nubia Martinez, PreK1 & PreK2 Assistant
  • April Fenwick, PreK2 Lead
  • Jamie Gary PreK2 Assistant
  • Joy Brandvold, PreK3 Lead
  • Meredith Layberger, PreK3 Assistant
  • Pam Dugger, PreK3 Lead
  • Christine Ribiero, PreK3 Assistant
  • Sue Karn PreK3 Lead
  • Sharon Melendez , PreK3 Assistant
  • Elise Capobianco, VPK Lead
  • Randi Ying, VPK Assistant
  • Ana Baynard, VPK Lead
  • Maria Rosales, VPK Assistant
  • Sara Corrigan VPK Lead
  • Chauncey Edwards, VPK Assistant
  • Jessica Bush, VPK Assistant
  • Shannon Tempio, Music Teacher, PreK3 Assistant
  • Catherine Penrod, Learning Specialist
  • Susan Estanislao, Resource Coordinator